Monthly Archives: July 2012



The light in my heart greets the light in your heart…

I am starting this blog as part of exploring how I can integrate yoga more deeply into my daily life and my family’s life.  I want to explore how physical & meditative practices impact on my mothering, and how I can bring yoga philosophy into my mothering to enhance the joy of being a mother and to benefit my children as they navigate an increasingly complex & social-media flooded society.  Community is online as much as (if not more so) on our doorstep now, so here I am embracing that fact.

I am an ordinary mama – I have two beautiful boys who together sing the song of my heart & embody the light of my soul.  Extraordinary joy flows from the exquisite moments of being a mother; but the brightest sunshine casts the deepest shadows and so part of this exploration is keeping myself from feeling engulfed by the shadows.

Being a mother has brought me untold happiness, I truly feel blessed.  But it has also challenged me in ways I could never have imagined.      I do not want to focus on the negative, but instead on the positive, on the really deep-down heart warming, breath-taking beauty & wonder of being gifted with new souls to grow & nurture.

My hope is that as I work with yoga to heal myself, I will also discover deeper connections with my children and with my husband.  That we will all feel more connected, more unified, and that our sense of community will begin at home and ripple outwards gently.

Sharing it here, I am nervous, scared, even a little embarrassed – I can’t believe I can say anything anyone else would want to read, but you know what, that’s not really the point.  This is my journey, hand in hand with my children, my husband at my side.  Anyone else who wants to walk the path with us is welcome to come along for a while & see how it goes.