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Sweet dreams are made of this…


Attachment parenting is not always the easy way but it is the way of my heart. At 2am or 3am I am disturbed by the demons that whisper “rod for your own back”…”be cruel to be kind”…all those phrases that undermine and unnerve…and I wonder if maybe they whisper truths in the small hours when my body aches from lack of sleep and my head pounds with a tension headache…but as the small warm soul that is my son quietly sneaks under my duvet I hear another whisper…”cuddles and kisses Mummy. I want kisses” and as I roll over and the soft scent of sleep damp hair fills my nose and my lips find his downy soft cheeks I know that I will never ban him from our bed…one day, just like his brother, he will start to sleep through in his own bed and my babies will forever be gone from our bed…It breaks my spirit some nights, I weep silently as I crave sleep unbroken…but I will weep harder when my babies no longer whisper their need for my love in the middle of the night…Until then my spirit shines brighter when they curl around me with their soft breath settling into slumber…Sweet dreams my beautiful boys…God bless you both…I shall love you always, beyond the ends if the earth & the four winds
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