Every fibre of my being…

Every fibre of my being…

I am thankful for my body ⭐_____________________⭐

Every fibre of my being, every curve,
the public face, my sacred space,
the line of my lips, the swing of my hips, every fold, each brow furrow,
my since-spent youth,
my gently advancing age,
the maiden I was,
the mother I am,
the crone within I am destined to become,
the wild woman woven into and through them all,
memory embodied, future unfolding,
the stories held told or waiting to tell in every cell…
I am thankful for it all


About lucyislucid

Lucid means bright, shining & that is exactly how I feel when I practice yoga. It also means that things are clearly explained & easily understood and that is how I try to teach & blog! Sometimes I will share my whims & musings, other posts will be about yoga practices, wellbeing or rewilding - hopefully something here will give you that same bright & shining feeling. Thanks for checking the blog and please do comment, ask questions & give me feedback, community is everything and I would love to be part of yours...OMx

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